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Dec. 31st, 2015 08:31 pm
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Oh, hullo. I've been busy. There has been a baby around here, and a novel, and handmade Christmas presents. I don't remember if I mentioned before, but I won't be sharing pictures of the little guy. I'm not comfortable putting his face out there on the internet; better safe than sorry. You'll just have to take my word for it that's he's adorable and hilarious (he is, though).

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It's nearly the solstice, almost Christmas, soon to be the new year.

Lots of waiting going on, and yet the time is flying by.

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It rained the other night. For at least a minute. Very exciting. We actually got our first rainstorm since February on Halloween night. We were watching World War Z, a scary zombie movie, and then after it finished, he went to play Archeage and I went to write an outline, having decided at the last minute to do Nanowrimo again.

Then the power went out. My first thought of course was zombies. But then we could hear the rain...

Anyway, pictures. We have woodpeckers on our street. A whole clan of them.

woodpeckers! )
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Making calzone lately.

In Exhibit A on the left, properly stretched dough covers the cheesy filling. In Exhibit B on the right, cheesiness has escaped to spill onto the pan and form the delicious, illicit treat known as "roasty cheese". Questionable whether this is actually a defect, or if it is instead perhaps a feature. More testing required.

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It was chilly and foggy for a couple days... and I thought it might be... but no. Fall is still like a month and a half off. Usually the heat gives up around Halloween.

This little bird... hit our sliding glass door. The poor thing spent a good hour afterward, blinking slowly and panting right outside, before it recovered and flew away. I was just glad it was okay.

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January has been slipping by. I don't make resolutions; if anything I try not to add projects now. Normally I can start three new projects every day, but in January I try to finish something instead.

I went through several issues of Fine Cooking and cut out recipes. Among them I found a cinnamon swirl raisin bread, which was delicious:

The swirl showed up wonderfully when I toasted and buttered a slice, but if you think I'm going to take the time to grab my camera when there's warm handmade cinnamon toast to be had...

It rained a bit, what a nice change. )
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Yes. I organized my bookcase by color. Red orange yellow cream green cyan, blue purple black, multi silver gold black.

I have read all of these books, and I have looked at their covers. I can still find one if I want it. But they do look nicer in the room now, less like a little doomish corner of chaos and entropy and more like the sparkly rainbow dreams they are.

November rain )
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What have I been up to? Tablet weaving and planting stock... a while ago. There was a time not that long ago when I didn't even know what stock was. It's not a pretty name, but it is most certainly a beautiful flower.

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Artichokes are fairly easy to cook, it turns out... we quartered it, removed spiky bits and dandelion fluff bits, and steamed until tasty. And quartering was just so it would fit in the steamer; I suppose we could have cooked it in just two pieces. Online recipes go on about lemon juice and olive oil and melting butter, but really, you can eat the leaves plain. Why obscure such a delicate taste?

Anyway....! There are now kittens. They are actually more like six months old.

Inara, the girl:

yay )


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