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I spent last week editing and revising our medieval clothes for an event. Seams were ripped, trim was removed, eyelets were unsewn, new eyelets were stitched (three episodes of The Last Kingdom) and many things were embroidered. Also, the Little got a set of clothes for the occasion, which ended up being the only thing I photographed, apparently. He was adorable running around in his tunic and trousers. We were there only a few hours actually and it was plenty. The last time we went to an event was before the Little was born. Goodness!

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So this is not a post about something I made... but it is about a castle, and that should make up for it. Hearst Castle, to be precise; California has an inexplicable dearth of medieval stone fortresses, but this 1930s Spanish-esque mansion has a few treasures from those days in Europe. Hearst had whole ceilings bought, shipped, and installed in his home, straight from Italian palazzos.

The compound sits on a hill overlooking the endless acres of Hearst Ranch, where cows roam freely (apparently in harmony with zebras and other remnants of the old zoo he kept).

The cows are indifferent to mere tourists.

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