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So! It's fall here, and the weather is in the 90s and 100s. Naturally that makes this a great time to make Easter eggs. We had a pysanky party, as the Ukrainian eggs are called. Seven eggs across three people, plus assorted quails eggs which I sadly did not get pictures of.


You draw on the egg with beeswax, which is heated over a candle flame and then dripped from a tiny funnel onto the egg in a line. Then you dye the egg one color, draw more, dye it again in another color and so on. We used a heat gun to melt the wax off. There was one casualty (one of the red eggs) which was heartbreaking. I could forget while we were working with them how fragile the eggs are, but it's true. Anyway, other than that it was great fun and I'd love to do more.

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Your pictures are totes awesome! I especially like the first one with the artistic flame-kitska-egg combo -- good framing! I shall post my pictures soon!


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