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In Which the Weather is Discussed

I spent last week editing and revising our medieval clothes for an event. Seams were ripped, trim was removed, eyelets were unsewn, new eyelets were stitched (three episodes of The Last Kingdom) and many things were embroidered. Also, the Little got a set of clothes for the occasion, which ended up being the only thing I photographed, apparently. He was adorable running around in his tunic and trousers. We were there only a few hours actually and it was plenty. The last time we went to an event was before the Little was born. Goodness!

The Little played at sorting clean clothes in the hamper the other day. He put them in, I took them out and tried to fold them up. He took them away and scattered them. Repeat until crazy.

Look at this squirrel. The weather has been hot. For one blissful day, the air held a promise of autumn, cool and fresh and exciting. I think it might have been the first day of school somewhere. Then some little nature fairy sang out, "Juuust kidding!" and it's been hot ever since. I expect these temperatures to continue until the week of Halloween as per normal.

The garden muddles along. My parents gave us radish seed pods. I ate the green ones and saved seeds from the dry ones. The Little did not care for the taste.

We harvested a late batch of peas before the heat got too bad. I've already started growing new lettuces. I don't know when to quit. Some lady with a beautiful garden featured in Sunset magazine said to just keep planting things to fill in spaces. I don't have enough water for that, but at least we grow a few things.

A couple weeks ago, the Little fried my hard drive, and I mean dead. We could not fix it. Since it contains things that inexplicably weren't in backups--like novels I've written, photographs of family, journals, recipes, and more, we sent it off for professional help. Thankfully we got it all back. I now back up my data every night. The whole business stopped me in my tracks on my current novel, but I've taken the time to uh, research. I found a book at the library in the recent returns section and it's helped me flesh out some interesting details. Now just to work them all in.

Galettes, pies, crumbles, cobblers, pumpkin yeast loaves, and English muffins this summer. And jam. This year I've made four kinds of jam, but only one has really turned out well.

Handsewing hexagons into a pillow. It's slow going because it comes after so many other projects, in that little bit of time when the Little is asleep and I am not.

We did make it to the zoo this summer. That was fun.

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Your pictures are, as ever, gorgeous! That squirrel is hilarious, LOL. Your hexagon pillow looks super awesome! I'm glad you got all your data back, that sounds pretty scary and reminds me that I should back stuff up, too...