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tea_and_toast ([personal profile] tea_and_toast) wrote2016-04-22 01:03 pm

Embroidery, and Mushrooms

We've gone from spring to summer already. It rained briefly at the beginning of the month, and I predict we won't get rain again until November.

This chocolate banana bread from Smitten Kitchen is really a dessert. Don't kid yourself. I made some coconut whipped cream to go with it, mostly because I wanted to see if coconut whipped cream was any good. It is, but it reminds me a little of hand lotion, and that's not something I enjoy eating generally.

Deviled eggs. For Easter I think? Or D&D? They were yummy. Make more next time.

Let's start with the good. Here is the garden, as of a few weeks ago. The lettuce haven't quite gone full bolt in this picture, but they're there now. I'm hoping to collect seeds before I raze their civilization and salt their fields (just kidding, I want to use the soil for new plants. Salting would be counter productive).

And the not so good. Aren't they cute? You may notice a tiny bit of green in the middle. That would be a basil seedling, struggling to sprout in the middle of the alien invasion. The mushrooms grow to about five inches tall and they are EVERYWHERE in the new soil we bought this year. All of my seeds I planted this year have struggled or just plain not even shown up for work. Meanwhile we have tons of these mushrooms. The soil is full of wood chunks, and I keep finding bits of wood with the paint still on them. What's up with that? How can my soil be organic if it used to be painted wood? I'm not happy about it at all. Anyway, we planted in I think February and several plants still haven't shown up at all. I backed off on the watering severely in hopes of drying out the mushrooms, but it's only slowed them down. Jerks.

Back inside the house, where there is currently a fortunate lack of mushrooms, I'm embroidering a handkerchief, and also a pair of knitted slippers, not pictured. I think it's funny how so many fantasy and historical novels bash embroidery as a worthless pastime, but then describe important folks wearing fancy clothing. How did their clothing get that way, hmm? I don't think they shopped at Nordstrom. I like to think of embroidery as the fun part at the end, after what would have been a long slog of boring plain-weaving.

Making lots of little hexies out of a mini-charm pack I picked up at the quilt store. I have no plans for what to do with them yet, but they're fun to make. Maybe a needlebook, or a satchel or something. Not a blanket. You have to hand sew them together. That would take me an eon.

Tea and toasted teacakes. Recipe from a book I got at the library, called Afternoon Tea.

Oh! Someone is waking up from his nap. Time to go!

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