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tea_and_toast ([personal profile] tea_and_toast) wrote2016-03-30 08:19 pm

Celebrating Spring

You know, I don't even remember what happened for Easter last year. I was a little out of it. The little one was only a few weeks old at that point. We made up for it this year. This year, there was cake. We even had an Easter egg hunt.

I made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I may have gotten a little carried away. Three layers! Colored cream cheese icing piped in the shape of wee carrots! Sprinkles in appropriate colors! Yes, we live in exciting times.

The baby toddler had fun hunting for eggs. He found two eggs before his attention wandered. He did like putting eggs in the basket, which was good, because when it was full, he would tip it and lose the eggs on top--several times in a row. Gravity, man. It makes no allowances for youth. He's walking really well now, though.

I've been reading back through the beginning of one of my favorite blogs to read, Posie Gets Cozy. Even in her early years, her voice is so clear and friendly to read. You feel as though you are listening to an old friend over a cup of tea. I wonder if there is a knack to it.

At any rate, we had a bit of trouble last night. I woke up in the middle of the night and heard a strange rushing sound, almost grating. The dishwasher makes a grinding noise sometimes; so at first, I dismissed it as that. But it should have finished earlier, so I popped out of bed to check on it, only to find that the sound was coming from the garage, not the kitchen. We peeked in there (there's a door from our bedroom into the garage) and the whole room was filled with water vapor. One of the bendy pipes that go into the water heater had sprung a leak. Oh no! Everything was wet. At first we thought the leak was in a pipe inside the wall, so it was something of a relief to find it was in the far easier-to-fix bendy pipe. Seriously, I don't know what they're called. Bendy pipe seems descriptive. Anyway. Glad I heard it when I did, or who knows how bad it would have gotten.

My parents' garden was in fine form over the weekend when we went there for cake and egg hunting. So many lovely flowers. I love spring; for a short while I can pretend that we live where plants flourish and gardens thrive. Then summer comes and it all dies of thirst. It doesn't matter how much you water (not that you can water enough anymore, with the water restrictions, anyway) because the air gets so dry that it sucks the moisture right out of the soil in minutes. Enjoy the Japanese maple--it won't look like that in a few months.

But enough dark portents. I think our house motto could be "Summer is coming."

I finished a hat for the little guy, out of Cascade 220 Superwash, my current yarn of choice. Pattern cobbled together from various sources. I like making hats. They're a good size for my attention span. Though I have a sneaky plan to keep collecting leftover bits of Cascade yarn in more colors until I have enough to make a crochet flower afghan. Probably I should start picking more flower-like colors. I have lots of brown.

Stuff on quilts next time, if I remember.