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March, in like a... rainy thing

We've actually had some rain. The hills aren't grey anymore. I don't expect it to last, but it's nice.

Don't know how clear it is, but there is a spider web there. It was doing its part to protect the cherry tree from pests.

Vegetable gardening started in mid-February, but only the peas and cucumbers have come up thus far. At least the blueberry bushes are covered in blossoms. The lettuce, chard, and dill are still going (very) strong. When we want salad or sauteed greens, we can just pop out to the backyard and snip off some. Organic, local, picked fresh--all these expensive labels we put on food that really anyone with a little space can do themselves. It seems to me something has gone very wrong in American home cooking for this to be the case.

A certain little one had his first birthday recently. I think he had a good day, full of family and crinkly packages to play with. There were toys too, but the wrapping is the most fun.

We went to the seashore the other day, just for a walk. It was the little guy's first time; I think he found it all a bit bright and not super interesting, but that will change when we let him run around out there. For now, we carried him, because neither of us thinks sand should be a part of his diet.

Of course I couldn't help but collect a few seashells.