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tea_and_toast ([personal profile] tea_and_toast) wrote2015-09-18 10:33 pm

What's Cooking

Jam, cake, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pizza, sushi, and more cake. Being an adult means you can make and eat whatever you please, apparently. These were spread out over a long while, honestly. My husband made the sushi (smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese). Cream cheese goes a long way toward making sushi yummy for me.

Cake is the 'i want chocolate cake' cake from Smitten Kitchen. I liked it so much I made it twice.

Recipes? The pumpkin cinnamon rolls were from here. Pizza dough from Smitten Kitchen (the book; the "rushed" version). Sushi recipe from my husband's mind, I suppose.

Oh, and I started and finished a band for my tablet weaving loom. This pattern (from here) was MUCH easier and faster than the previous pattern I tried. It's the top one on the page, from the ninth century. Highly recommend.

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[personal profile] cloudtrader 2015-10-13 08:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Foooooooood! Jam! Cake! Stuff! (You take pretty pictures.)

I keep forgetting to check to see if you post. But I remembered, because eggs!!! Where are the eggies?

I'll post mine if you post yours! ;D