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Tasty May

This is a post about food. I had that many pictures.

Oh, look. Tea and toast. Roasted buckwheat tea with a shot of maple syrup, my own invention and what I like to think of as the Barrayaran tea. (They're calling Warrior's Apprentice book four? That's weird.)

Strawberry lemonade and homemade toast, because we had a hot spell. 90 degrees at the beginning of May; it's not right, I tell you.

Apples that became crostata, which is like a galette, which is like pie.

Meatball subs that got a little carried away. Homemade meatballs under all that cheese and sauce.

The farmer's market purchases of the week.

And the backyard harvest. There may not be very many, but they're so much fresher than the ones from the store.

I swear this is chicken pot pie, not blueberry pie. I used purple carrots, and they dyed everything a darling shade of lavender. It still tasted like pot pie, though.

Earlier I made strawberry pie, my first pastry crust of the year (one of my first pastry crusts ever, really). I added water and it was super tough and soggy, though part of that might have been the juice from the strawberries. Then I made that crostata picture above, and it was better because I knew not to add too much water, but I let the butter melt because I had to take care of the kiddo, so it wasn't exactly a flaky crust, either. But this! Third time is the charm. And now I need to conquer something else in the kitchen, because pastry crust isn't actually good for you.

My husband's brilliant idea. Make chocolate chip cookies, but instead of separating them out into individual cookies, plunk one third of your dough into each cake tin. You can even freeze them. Cook (a lot longer than you would the little cookies) and add vanilla ice cream, and enjoy. Yum!

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