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tea_and_toast ([personal profile] tea_and_toast) wrote2014-12-22 06:39 pm
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Cookie Wars

This afternoon, after work, battle plans were put in place.

Supplies were brought out, ammunition was cast in the stand mixer, and soldiers were lined up.

A great battle was fought, but fortunately our heroes were victorious (mostly). Very little red was spilled, as even when I emptied the entire tube of gel food coloring into the portion of royal icing set aside for red, I couldn't get past pink. With green, it's a little more okay to have a lighter color, but for red, it really needs to be, well, red.

Of course, the gingerbread men were quite agreeable. They only needed white to be happy.

They're all happy this year. I thought of doing frowny faces, but eh. These guys are excited to be eaten. It's their destiny, and they go toward it with good cheer.

So we have chocolate stars that are exclusively green, instead of green and red as I'd originally planned. No matter. Both colors taste the same.

And that's not all the rollout cookies I made on Sunday... ha ha ha. I also made cardamom teapot cookies, which I'm thinking might benefit from a tasty eggnog buttercream icing. Or spiced buttercream icing. We'll see.