Jun. 4th, 2017 10:18 am
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It's time for a change. I've wanted to try out one of the blogging sites for some time, and so I recently ported over the content from here to my new blog. You can find me at


Jan. 22nd, 2016 07:18 pm
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Oh, 2016, I meant to talk more, really I did. But you're already marching along and I'm running to catch up as usual. I wanted to set out some ideas for the new year while I can still be timely about it. We're two thirds of the way through January already, but it's still January, so I reckon it's good enough. 2016 is going to be the year of lighting candles, trying minimalism, working toward hygge, and maybe, just maybe starting a compost bin/pile/heap. We'll see.

Looks a bit like autumn around here. )


Dec. 31st, 2013 04:44 pm
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It's time to close out the year, fold up the maps we made to get through it, shut the account books full of our deeds and our misdeeds, and tuck up in cozy blankets to contemplate the freshness of an entire new year, like a shiny penny ready to spend. A year goes a lot farther than a penny these days. They tell me the years speed up. I'm still naive enough to think I can slow them down by paying attention to the things that matter to me (hint, those things change, and I look back on the past decade and wonder why I wasn't looking in a different direction).

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May. 20th, 2013 08:17 pm
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I misread Tuesday as Teaday. Sounds better to me that way. Would Sunday be Bunday, with currants? And Friday Friedeggs?

cuppa hot cocoa

(That's really hot cocoa, not tea. It, and its artfully chipped cup, comes from the lower society tavern in the reenactment of the old French fortress of Louisbourg in eastern Canada.)

On a similar note, instead of www for urls, perhaps it should have been eee. Then your company's website name would be preceded by an exclamation of excitement. World wide web to express electronic evidence. Or something. Eee, Google! Eee, Wikipedia! See?

The fire did not reach us. It did not claim a single home. We are very grateful. Of course, the very same weekend that we determined our house was not in imminent danger of going up in flames, we decided to redo the baseboard in the bathroom... and well, let's just say that we are now remodeling nearly the whole bathroom. Not because we did something wrong. But to fix things nevertheless. It is a lot of work, but we keep learning things, so there's that.

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It is the end of the year, or the beginning. I married my knight (he even has shining armor) this year. I moved for the first time since I was born, really. I made a lot of oatmeal bread, and planted a garden together with my new husband, and saw the northern coast of California. (Once you get over the tsunami warning signs and head down the steep stairways, the beaches are lovely.)

We adopted two kittens and I started working from home. It has been the most wonderful shift for me. I used to spend two hours a day (or more) sitting in traffic, with hours of windowless computer work in between, at a desk sized for a six-foot tall man. Now when I work, it's with a cat on my lap, a cup of tea on my desk, and a quilt in my chair. Oh, and a garden right out the sliding glass door just behind me, ready to be looked at whenever. I feel lucky, and not just because of the garden.

After dithering, and painstakingly handsewing it wrong, I finished up a quilted draft cat I made for our front door. It's a little like one my parents had when I was growing up, though I think that one's ears were smaller. Go big or go home. It's just in time to make us all snug for the new year.

I've made progress on my wool shawl, slowly. It's better now that I have a circular needle with a lot of circle in between the pointy bits.

And I finished a headband a while ago, which I've been wearing when it's cold. It's so nice to finish things. I really must remember to start smaller projects in the future. Perhaps that can be my New Years resolution.

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I opened a window this morning and heard a roaring sound in the distance. It took me a minute to realize that I was hearing rush hour on the freeway. I'd been at work for over an hour already. My commute consisted of walking over to my desk and turning my computer on. It was such a nice feeling to open a window as I heated up my tea, smell fresh air, and see sunlight through dappled leaves (really, any sunlight at all). I feel privileged to work from home at times like these.

Anyway, it's been the ragged end of summer lately and the garden has been less than glorious. So I recently went through older images from earlier this season to remind myself of the pretty flowers we had.

The hollyhock is being entirely too well behaved. I am suspicious that when I turn my back, it will explode into seven feet tall stalks of planty domination.

flowers and vegetables, pretty and edible )
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February is the season of beginnings, at least for me. So here is another beginning. I intend for this to be a journal of crafting and creativity, for several reasons. It's easy to make something, then move on, without ever stopping to appreciate it, and a journal helps record it for one's own notice. Also, I've gotten away from sharing things I make lately, which means I don't have to finish anything, and that's no good.

I call it tea and toast, because I enjoy both of those very much, and hopefully this will be a similarly enjoyable journal to write.


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