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We've gone from spring to summer already. It rained briefly at the beginning of the month, and I predict we won't get rain again until November.

This chocolate banana bread from Smitten Kitchen is really a dessert. Don't kid yourself. I made some coconut whipped cream to go with it, mostly because I wanted to see if coconut whipped cream was any good. It is, but it reminds me a little of hand lotion, and that's not something I enjoy eating generally.

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Making calzone lately.

In Exhibit A on the left, properly stretched dough covers the cheesy filling. In Exhibit B on the right, cheesiness has escaped to spill onto the pan and form the delicious, illicit treat known as "roasty cheese". Questionable whether this is actually a defect, or if it is instead perhaps a feature. More testing required.

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January has been slipping by. I don't make resolutions; if anything I try not to add projects now. Normally I can start three new projects every day, but in January I try to finish something instead.

I went through several issues of Fine Cooking and cut out recipes. Among them I found a cinnamon swirl raisin bread, which was delicious:

The swirl showed up wonderfully when I toasted and buttered a slice, but if you think I'm going to take the time to grab my camera when there's warm handmade cinnamon toast to be had...

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