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You know, I don't even remember what happened for Easter last year. I was a little out of it. The little one was only a few weeks old at that point. We made up for it this year. This year, there was cake. We even had an Easter egg hunt.

No sightings of the Easter Bunny, though )
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A Brief Interlude

At the beginning of the month, I went with friends to the Huntington Library to celebrate a birthday, and left the little one with his dad. It was strange to be away from him, to drive alone, knowing there wasn't anyone in the back seat, to wander the gardens wondering if they both were all right without me. Of course they were.

The gardens were beautiful. )


Apr. 29th, 2015 08:34 am
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I harvested strawberries recently. One of our strawberry pots died, though. I'm not sure why, other than maybe it didn't get watered.

From the garden )
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The wisteria we planted two? years ago has produced a blossom.

Worth the wait!

Green growing things )
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Spring is flying by. So nice to see the garden now that all the snow has melted -- just kidding. We got one decent rainstorm this year so far, and otherwise I think we are competing with the Atacama or Namib deserts for lowest rainfall ever.

But that one rainstorm did a world of good for the garden. Things bloomed. Things that had never bloomed before.

green and pink stuff )
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Embroidered the collar of the 14th century kirtle, just a quick bit of decoration to make it a little less plain. Now we have an event to go to, so I must actually finish it soon. Of course now I regret any bit of machine sewing that shows.

A season of green and white )
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A wildfire is burning near our house, but thus far it's only been ashes falling like snow and towering clouds of smoke. I spent yesterday with the windows shut and the fan running all day, and still it was smoky inside. But we are fine, and keeping an eye on the situation, and the firefighters are doing everything they can. They say the area hasn't burned in twenty years, which means it's overdue. I remember a museum exhibit about chaparral, and it talked all about how with this kind of brushland, fires are normal, so... I suppose we just need to invent space dome technology for Mars and test it with my neighborhood. Forcefields to keep fires out. Or something. Really makes you think about what you'd grab if you had to evacuate, though.

Today I have lots of pictures of pretty green growing things and tasty food.

First up, carrots from our garden:

delicious )
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Tis the season for stone fruit blossoms. It always seemed backwards to me, for the flowers to come before the leaves. The poor trees have been fasting all winter, yet they go all out producing glorious blooms, like putting on an opera right before the end of Lent. Where do they get the energy?

Toasted rice tea with some of my handmade cracked wheat oatmeal bread. Bulghur wheat is delicious and chewy. It is better than candy.
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Things are growing! We planted a ton of seeds in the ground, and the peas are already popping up.

it's spring! ... almost )
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Spring sprang early at my parents' house:

Blueberry blossoms

more )


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