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I spent last week editing and revising our medieval clothes for an event. Seams were ripped, trim was removed, eyelets were unsewn, new eyelets were stitched (three episodes of The Last Kingdom) and many things were embroidered. Also, the Little got a set of clothes for the occasion, which ended up being the only thing I photographed, apparently. He was adorable running around in his tunic and trousers. We were there only a few hours actually and it was plenty. The last time we went to an event was before the Little was born. Goodness!

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Lots to talk about. That's what happens when you forget to update.

I like baking. Have I mentioned? It gets hot -- really hot -- later in the year so I've been using every excuse to do baking now, while the weather is still nice and we can run the oven without feeling guilty.

Foccacia (cheese required, per my husband) can be made when you're getting dinner ready and you realize there isn't nearly enough time to make bread but you still would like some. Fresh and homemade and fluffy, it's quite tasty.

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Embroidered the collar of the 14th century kirtle, just a quick bit of decoration to make it a little less plain. Now we have an event to go to, so I must actually finish it soon. Of course now I regret any bit of machine sewing that shows.

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Nov. 10th, 2013 12:04 pm
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Finished the blanket I was making from yarn I impulse bought. Impulse buying craft supplies is its own punishment. Craft supplies hang around the house like sad dogs, whining at the door and popping out of closets when you least expect it. "Come play with me... you promised..." Or is that just me?

Lots of other projects going. I drafted my basic block for medieval clothes making, then drafted a more specific pattern for the kirtle I want to do next. Now all that remains is to iron the linen, iron the lining, trace and cut out the patterns to make the dress (two front pieces, two back pieces, and two sleeves, all in both the linen and the lining), figure out how to line a garment, machine sew the long hidden seams, hand sew the eyelets, make a cord with a lucet or something, hand sew the collar and sleeve hems, try it on, swear a bit, make adjustments, try it on again, leave it to hang for a few days, and hem it. Oh, and finish the smock that goes under it. And make the various accessories that go with it, like shoes and stockings and a better hat that's not made of cheap obvious muslin.

That's just one project.

Also, I have to clean the house.

But first, I'm going to get word count on my novel today. At least that's nearly done--today's word count, that is. Not the novel.
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So this is not a post about something I made... but it is about a castle, and that should make up for it. Hearst Castle, to be precise; California has an inexplicable dearth of medieval stone fortresses, but this 1930s Spanish-esque mansion has a few treasures from those days in Europe. Hearst had whole ceilings bought, shipped, and installed in his home, straight from Italian palazzos.

The compound sits on a hill overlooking the endless acres of Hearst Ranch, where cows roam freely (apparently in harmony with zebras and other remnants of the old zoo he kept).

The cows are indifferent to mere tourists.

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Things are growing! We planted a ton of seeds in the ground, and the peas are already popping up.

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So this week I made two vaguely medieval dishes. Yay! First was a cheese tart, on account of my husband loves cheese.

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