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Jun. 16th, 2014 07:38 pm
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Those crochet squares I talked about last time?

They made a pretty good bag. Especially with some quilt fabric scraps for a lining and strap.

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First, JAM. Because, as you know, toast is one of my favorite things and I already know how to make bread. When my husband's mother gave us a bag and told us to please go pick nectarines, that they were falling off the tree, I somehow got the idea into my head to make jam from them. It might have been the large pack of pint jars for canning I bought on a whim, I don't know.

I've never made jam before. I recall "helping" some adult make jam with Girl Scouts. Something about cutting up lots of strawberries and then getting to take home a jar, or similar. This is not how you teach a child to make jam. But it's okay, I'm an adult now and can operate heavy machinery read directions and buy my own pectin. (I bought two kinds to be safe, such a splurge.) This is freezer jam, because even though I look through my kitchen cupboards regularly, the Canning Pot Fairy has not given me a large enough pot to do water bath canning. My jars stick up out of the pasta pot I have. I'm thinking that's not ideal. (Admittedly, I probably should have bought half-pint jars. I was thinking in terms of pickles, which wouldn't have fit. We didn't make pickles from our cucumbers. We made pickle relish, which would fit. Sigh.)

Anyway, nectarines + sugar + pectin + teeny bit of cinnamon:

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