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We've gone from spring to summer already. It rained briefly at the beginning of the month, and I predict we won't get rain again until November.

This chocolate banana bread from Smitten Kitchen is really a dessert. Don't kid yourself. I made some coconut whipped cream to go with it, mostly because I wanted to see if coconut whipped cream was any good. It is, but it reminds me a little of hand lotion, and that's not something I enjoy eating generally.

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Year's End

Dec. 31st, 2015 08:31 pm
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Oh, hullo. I've been busy. There has been a baby around here, and a novel, and handmade Christmas presents. I don't remember if I mentioned before, but I won't be sharing pictures of the little guy. I'm not comfortable putting his face out there on the internet; better safe than sorry. You'll just have to take my word for it that's he's adorable and hilarious (he is, though).

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Lots to talk about. That's what happens when you forget to update.

I like baking. Have I mentioned? It gets hot -- really hot -- later in the year so I've been using every excuse to do baking now, while the weather is still nice and we can run the oven without feeling guilty.

Foccacia (cheese required, per my husband) can be made when you're getting dinner ready and you realize there isn't nearly enough time to make bread but you still would like some. Fresh and homemade and fluffy, it's quite tasty.

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Embroidered the collar of the 14th century kirtle, just a quick bit of decoration to make it a little less plain. Now we have an event to go to, so I must actually finish it soon. Of course now I regret any bit of machine sewing that shows.

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A wildfire is burning near our house, but thus far it's only been ashes falling like snow and towering clouds of smoke. I spent yesterday with the windows shut and the fan running all day, and still it was smoky inside. But we are fine, and keeping an eye on the situation, and the firefighters are doing everything they can. They say the area hasn't burned in twenty years, which means it's overdue. I remember a museum exhibit about chaparral, and it talked all about how with this kind of brushland, fires are normal, so... I suppose we just need to invent space dome technology for Mars and test it with my neighborhood. Forcefields to keep fires out. Or something. Really makes you think about what you'd grab if you had to evacuate, though.

Today I have lots of pictures of pretty green growing things and tasty food.

First up, carrots from our garden:

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Making progress on the medieval embroidery. The panels for both sleeves are done, which leaves the collar and the (gulp!) 80 inches of bottom hem panel to go. It's crochet thread, which is ever so much less fussy than embroidery floss. I'm pretty much winging it, though.

In other news, there are wee bits of pink on our peach bush. Our dwarf peach tree, I mean. The little guy is about two feet tall, still - it hasn't grown upward since we planted it last April.
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Things are growing! We planted a ton of seeds in the ground, and the peas are already popping up.

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