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It's nearly the solstice, almost Christmas, soon to be the new year.

Lots of waiting going on, and yet the time is flying by.

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Oct. 20th, 2014 07:11 pm
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Hullo, October. When did you sneak in? Not to worry, I've been making preparations for those cold rainy days that haven't come yet. (Will they ever?)

A bit of apple pie to start off, with apples from my husband's parents' tree.

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Been feeling sick lately, so I haven't been cooking. It's weird, my habit is to buy mostly raw materials at the grocery store, so when I don't feel like cooking and my husband hasn't been given enough warning, there's nothing good to eat for dinner that can be made in time. Oops.

I have made muffins, though.

These were blueberry. Later there were dried cherry, where you rehydrate the cherries so they're chewy and juicy and full of tart flavor. And if you happen to make them with whole wheat, then a little butter is required so they're not too dry. Just for the dryness, of course.

Also there were crepes. Sort of blintzes, without the extra frying bit at the end. Breakfast is more doable than dinner, though that's finally getting a little better too. Bleh.

The garden is a bit of a wreck, due to me not doing much out there right now. One of our raised beds is empty, since the peas had such bad powdery mildew, and I hesitate to plant anything else there. The zucchini keep not producing. I don't understand. Zucchini are supposed to produce in hordes. Hoards? I suppose it depends on whether you think of them as food or invaders.

We do have one tiny sugar pumpkin starting to turn orange. It's shaping up to be of "ornamental" size. Ah well.
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Making calzone lately.

In Exhibit A on the left, properly stretched dough covers the cheesy filling. In Exhibit B on the right, cheesiness has escaped to spill onto the pan and form the delicious, illicit treat known as "roasty cheese". Questionable whether this is actually a defect, or if it is instead perhaps a feature. More testing required.

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Mont Blanc

Jun. 16th, 2014 07:38 pm
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Those crochet squares I talked about last time?

They made a pretty good bag. Especially with some quilt fabric scraps for a lining and strap.

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Lots to talk about. That's what happens when you forget to update.

I like baking. Have I mentioned? It gets hot -- really hot -- later in the year so I've been using every excuse to do baking now, while the weather is still nice and we can run the oven without feeling guilty.

Foccacia (cheese required, per my husband) can be made when you're getting dinner ready and you realize there isn't nearly enough time to make bread but you still would like some. Fresh and homemade and fluffy, it's quite tasty.

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Embroidered the collar of the 14th century kirtle, just a quick bit of decoration to make it a little less plain. Now we have an event to go to, so I must actually finish it soon. Of course now I regret any bit of machine sewing that shows.

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October's passing fast. The mornings are dark when we get up, and there's not time after dinner to walk to the mailbox before a lantern is required. It took me until Halloween last year to realize our street had no streetlights. (I moved in March.) I grew up at a house with a streetlight right out front, so this darkness is strange. Streetlights seem like family friends, or kind old trees in the forest of my life. Maybe it's a Narnia thing.

I made bread again, but panicked when it seemed wet, and added too much flour.

It's a bit dense and dry. I know it's good to learn constantly, but does that mean I have to screw up a little each time too?

It gets better with butter, though. (Don't most things?)

We still have strawberries growing. They actually got happier when it stopped being so hot out, and are now producing more than they did this summer. Silly things. I can't complain.


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