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Jam, cake, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, pizza, sushi, and more cake. Being an adult means you can make and eat whatever you please, apparently. These were spread out over a long while, honestly. My husband made the sushi (smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese). Cream cheese goes a long way toward making sushi yummy for me.

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Sep. 10th, 2015 01:20 pm
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Where to begin? The summer has slipped away, or I'd like to think it has. Children have gone back to school, discussions of holiday gatherings have begun, sweaters are being sorted for the new season, but it was 100 degrees outside yesterday and I keep skipping the farmer's market because it is TOO HOT on the asphalt.

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Tasty May

May. 29th, 2015 10:12 am
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This is a post about food. I had that many pictures.

Oh, look. Tea and toast. Roasted buckwheat tea with a shot of maple syrup, my own invention and what I like to think of as the Barrayaran tea. (They're calling Warrior's Apprentice book four? That's weird.)

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A Brief Interlude

At the beginning of the month, I went with friends to the Huntington Library to celebrate a birthday, and left the little one with his dad. It was strange to be away from him, to drive alone, knowing there wasn't anyone in the back seat, to wander the gardens wondering if they both were all right without me. Of course they were.

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Our farmer's market haul for last week. I'm a week behind. I already went this week. Anyway. The light that comes in our kitchen window is so lovely, it makes everything look beautiful. I didn't get to the purple carrots yet, but I'm thinking I'll put them in this chicken pot pie. They're orange on the inside, and anyway it's the taste that counts, right?

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Apr. 29th, 2015 08:34 am
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I harvested strawberries recently. One of our strawberry pots died, though. I'm not sure why, other than maybe it didn't get watered.

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Time is like water. It can evaporate. Taking care of the little one has certainly eaten up all of mine, anyway.

We harvested the peas this Sunday, a little late, but they were still absolutely delicious. And so many! I think we may have finally found a way to grow peas well. We used tomato cages to prop the tendrils on. Also I actually followed the directions for spacing the seeds this time. I guess that matters.

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The wisteria we planted two? years ago has produced a blossom.

Worth the wait!

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Is it the size it should be? Who knows? It'll fit him sometime. Ideally the hat will fit during the same time period. That would be nice.
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Some people post pretty pictures of paperwhite bulbs in teacups on their dining table, or on the mantel, surrounded by candlelight and cozy things, because it's too cold outside for flowers or even fresh young greenery.

Not only do we not have to grow them inside here... these paperwhites popped up on their own in a pot that's been sitting with a saucer over it for months now, with no water or sunlight. As soon as I realized that wasn't grass growing, I rescued them to the patio and we started watering them, but really, these flowers would have carried on merrily without any help.

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This afternoon, after work, battle plans were put in place.

Supplies were brought out, ammunition was cast in the stand mixer, and soldiers were lined up.

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It's nearly the solstice, almost Christmas, soon to be the new year.

Lots of waiting going on, and yet the time is flying by.

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It rained the other night. For at least a minute. Very exciting. We actually got our first rainstorm since February on Halloween night. We were watching World War Z, a scary zombie movie, and then after it finished, he went to play Archeage and I went to write an outline, having decided at the last minute to do Nanowrimo again.

Then the power went out. My first thought of course was zombies. But then we could hear the rain...

Anyway, pictures. We have woodpeckers on our street. A whole clan of them.

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Toast and jam in the morning, silvery light:

A most splendid weekday vice. Cherry jam on homemade wheatberry bread.

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Oct. 20th, 2014 07:11 pm
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Hullo, October. When did you sneak in? Not to worry, I've been making preparations for those cold rainy days that haven't come yet. (Will they ever?)

A bit of apple pie to start off, with apples from my husband's parents' tree.

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Been feeling sick lately, so I haven't been cooking. It's weird, my habit is to buy mostly raw materials at the grocery store, so when I don't feel like cooking and my husband hasn't been given enough warning, there's nothing good to eat for dinner that can be made in time. Oops.

I have made muffins, though.

These were blueberry. Later there were dried cherry, where you rehydrate the cherries so they're chewy and juicy and full of tart flavor. And if you happen to make them with whole wheat, then a little butter is required so they're not too dry. Just for the dryness, of course.

Also there were crepes. Sort of blintzes, without the extra frying bit at the end. Breakfast is more doable than dinner, though that's finally getting a little better too. Bleh.

The garden is a bit of a wreck, due to me not doing much out there right now. One of our raised beds is empty, since the peas had such bad powdery mildew, and I hesitate to plant anything else there. The zucchini keep not producing. I don't understand. Zucchini are supposed to produce in hordes. Hoards? I suppose it depends on whether you think of them as food or invaders.

We do have one tiny sugar pumpkin starting to turn orange. It's shaping up to be of "ornamental" size. Ah well.
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Making calzone lately.

In Exhibit A on the left, properly stretched dough covers the cheesy filling. In Exhibit B on the right, cheesiness has escaped to spill onto the pan and form the delicious, illicit treat known as "roasty cheese". Questionable whether this is actually a defect, or if it is instead perhaps a feature. More testing required.

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Mont Blanc

Jun. 16th, 2014 07:38 pm
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Those crochet squares I talked about last time?

They made a pretty good bag. Especially with some quilt fabric scraps for a lining and strap.

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