Jul. 6th, 2016 09:52 am
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I'm busier than a cranberry merchant, to borrow my mother's words. Crafting projects, housework, playing with the toddler. We go to the library, we go to his class. We play in the wading pool and take walks. He helps me with the watering. (He puts pretty stones in the watering can and washes his trowel. It used to be the big people's trowel. He has claimed it in the name of Toddlerdom.)

We had one day where it was 106 degrees. Then we had weeks of hot, hot, hot. This week it's not supposed to go higher than 85. Marvelous. I have the windows open. I'll quit researching moving north for a while. On the other hand, every week I'm out there sweeping dead leaves from the driveway. Our trees are dropping leaves like it's fall, and have been for weeks.

Hurrah for the library.

The embroidery work in progress. Finished above. A bit like painting with thread.

Handmade hamburger buns.

Strawberry muffins.

I bake in the morning, on days when it's not super hot.

Lunch for me and the toddler. He loves eggs. Good thing, since he doesn't like meat right now.

Mom and I went to a quilt show in May, and I found all manner of delightful things. I have such plans and ideas for them. I also have a toddler who takes up most of my time. Later. There is always later.
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