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The other day I decided to photograph a few of my more recent quilts. Since hanging them properly for flat photos was beyond the capacity of the time I had, I draped them over a rocking chair or the sewing desk one by one.

The first is a lap quilt that more or less matches the bed quilt I made in 2013. It's actually older than the bed quilt. They both have an old-fashioned color scheme I love, full of cranberry reds, slate blues, and sagey greens. And creams. I have so many cream fabric scraps from these quilts that I'm making another quilt from them. The pattern for this quilt is called Charmed, I'm Sure from some charm square focused quilt book.

This is the baby quilt I made. I kind of regret adding the brown now; I made a sunhat from the scraps but left out brown and it looks so much more cohesive. Oh well. There are owls and safari animals and happy little moons. The binding is full of bumblebees, and the back is elephants. What's not to love? The pattern is called Trip Around the World, I think. Hand quilted, as one does when one is expecting one's first child.

The wee little rocking chair there is the baby's. It was a hand-me-down from when I was a baby.

This pink quilt was on my bed for a while before I got married. Prior to this was an irish chain batik quilt in colors I call macaw. Sapphire, lemon, emerald. It's very bright, and not at all to my taste anymore. I like to think I consider my colors more carefully now. A quilt ideally ought to be harmonious not only within itself, but also with the room it's in, which is leading me to far more muted colors. This is a Log Cabin quilt.

If you don't focus on the wrinkles (sigh)... I like the colors here but it's a sweet little girl of a quilt. I should probably make more non-pink quilts. Nine patch, the pattern here, is fun and simple.

My latest quilt, this was made by sewing charm squares into nine-patches and then cutting them each into four equal pieces, then mixing it all up and turning the squares on point. I used a charm square pack (two, actually) so all the colors were already picked. I like how pale and opally (if that's a word) it is, but I think part of the fun of quilting is picking the fabrics, so I missed out on that here.

You probably can't tell from the pictures, but there's an evolution in binding techniques, from storebought bias tape, to folding the backing over, to handmade binding tape. At one point I found this tutorial on how to sew on binding, and it makes it much easier than whatever I was doing before.

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Pretty pictures of pretty quilts! I like it. :)


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