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Time is like water. It can evaporate. Taking care of the little one has certainly eaten up all of mine, anyway.

We harvested the peas this Sunday, a little late, but they were still absolutely delicious. And so many! I think we may have finally found a way to grow peas well. We used tomato cages to prop the tendrils on. Also I actually followed the directions for spacing the seeds this time. I guess that matters.

More peas than we've ever harvested at one time before. Of course this is because we harvested the whole batch at the same time. Two feet by four feet. I made the happy discovery also that we still have more seeds in the packet, so maybe this fall we can do another planting.

I finished this hot pad but it doesn't lie entirely flat. Whatever. I'm not up to redoing it. It's pretty, though.

I made a foccacia the other day, with an onion cheese topping. Can I just say that making yeast bread with a newborn around is a real accomplishment? Bread requires you to show up at various intervals and do things to it. It's time sensitive. But a baby doesn't understand being made to wait... for anything, least of all food he won't get to eat. I managed, anyway.

The weather has been nice, at least. I expect it will start getting hot soon, but right now the highs have been in the 70s.
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