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Those cookies?

My husband's cookies are all brown. They are also very tasty. I must remember that food coloring, while pretty, has no flavor. That said, starting with his cookie tray on the left, from the top in clockwise:
Peanut butter chocolate bars, chocolate chip cookies, walnut frosties, and ginger snaps. Which are soft. The walnut frosties are my FAVORITE but they are all good.

I made, on the right:
Gingerbread men, chocolate stars, cardamom teapots (have since concluded that cardamom does not stand by itself as a flavor in sweets), and in the middle strawberry frangipane. When making frangipane with a layer of jam, make sure you use jam that has set properly. It took forever to cook.

I also made an orange cake for Christmas dessert. It was... decent. It was not spectacular. That's homemade candied orange zest on top (eh) and there was a filling layer in the middle with homemade orange curd (also eh). The vanilla seed cream cheese frosting was pretty good, though. I don't think I'm too impressed with my interpretations of Fine Cooking's desserts, though. My chocolate stars were from a different recipe, since I remembered last year I used Fine Cooking's version and it was dry, crumbly, and tasteless. These were better. If I were a proper blogger, I'd link to the various recipes.

Here is the pretty table setting at my parents' house, with some of the dishes already present. You can see my husband's deviled eggs in the foreground (always adored). That's sparkling cider in the wineglasses.

There were also these parmesan rolls I made, on Christmas, for the heck of it. I used the Fannie Farmer basic roll recipe, but substituted some whole wheat in, and added a quantity (measurements? what are those?) of parmesan that Mom shredded for me. Yum.

Today, sick with a cold on New Year's Eve, I made onion bread and black eyed pea soup. There are two pots because I decided to cook the whole pound of black eyed peas and well, they didn't all fit in the dutch oven. Good of them to inform me of this after things were already cooking. There's also kale (instead of collard greens) and polish kielbasa (instead of ham) in there. The kielbasa was the only pork product I could find at Ralphs that wasn't full of nitrites. I walked through the store muttering to myself about how everything was full of poison; I'm sure I must sound crazy, but I do wonder sometimes. And corn protein is now a feature. Isn't that just a way to sell more corn? Do they not know how to grow anything else?

Anyway, we will have enough leftovers to stock the freezer very well. Something to take out and eat when I don't feel like cooking!

So this is the end of 2014 and the beginning of a new year. Lots of changes ahead. It seems a little like we have been sailing on the open sea, and now we are come to a new continent we've never seen before. I wonder if any of my ancestors thought of just staying on the ship?


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